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Instructor: Dr. Courtney Rivard

Fake news, clickbaiting, memes, bots, twitter, snapchat…these are just some of the new terms created in the past few years to describe today’s digital communication. This course is concerned with analyzing how we communicate effectively in this fast-paced digital world. We will study how images, sounds, videos, and texts work together to create meaning and persuade audience.

In our study of digital communication and composition, students will work on a semester long research project dedicated to investigating one significant local social issue facing our community.  The research will culminate in the creation of a digital story using Adobe Rush (an easier form of Premiere Pro) that describes the local social issue, its causes, and possible ways to address the issue.

In this project, we will partner with East Durham Children’s Initiative to create digital stories dedicated to one social issue that organization addresses in its mission. As a class, we will serve as consultants providing the organization with a finished video project at the end of the semester. We will work with EDCI staff throughout the semester and present our videos during the final exam session.

You will research the work that this organization does together with scholarly research on the topic. Your digital story will be aimed at helping this organization more effectively communicate the significance of the social issue they address. In crafting this digital story, you will use rhetorical strategies to persuade your audience of the significance of this social issues, why they should care about and take action to address it.