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Reading Homework Trello posts

For each reading homework, you will be required to write a blog style response on trello to the reading. In this response, your focus should be on directly analyzing the reading. Such analysis should include: (1) at least one direct quote of no more than one sentence, (2) your analysis about the significance of this quote and its relationship to the author’s overall claim, and (3) a discussion question that you think will provoke discussion among the class. In writing these blog responses, feel free to borrow the rhetorical style of the blog, but make sure to be respectful to your peers and the material discussed

Social Media Posts #UNCENG149

Throughout the semester you will be required to create FIVE social media post templates. In these posts, you must use the genre conventions of the social media platform you indicate to tell your “followers” what you have learned in ENG 149 during the week. This can be based on the readings, in class conversations, your research, or work on your video project. Just as with the homework blogs, be respectful to peers and the material. You can use the model of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You will NOT actually post these on social media, but instead post the draft on trello by stating the platform, and giving the text, image, video you think makes the most persuasive argument. You can NOT create more than 1 post per week, so make sure to plan accordingly throughout the semester. I recommend that you use adobe sparks to create these posts. We will experiment with this platform in class.

Memorandum of Understanding

Research and Recommendation Report

Story Board

Final Video Project

Final Reflection

Final Presentation to EDCI